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HDPE Rollers are the next generation of the Rollers in bulk handling systems . The main advantages of these type of Rollers , which gave them an edge over the normal steel rollers are:

  • *HDPE Rollers are much lighter than the Steel Rollers , so when design of  the supporting structures of bulk handling systems , the structure will be much lighter and consequently much cheaper for the investment .
  • *Special design of the Labyrinth and Housing gives and advantage or these Rollers against Dirt & Dust , Water and Dirt .
  • *Prevention of belt friction by the Rollers, due to the nature of HDPE material which doesn’t wear the belt.
  • *Low Energy and power consumption when Startups , Breaks , and also operation of the bulk handling system  , due to very low friction/ resistance . which consequently will results in smaller and lighter motors and gears and finally lower cost as well .
  • *High resistance against Acid and Basic conditions and environments .
  • *High resistance in high pollution areas .
  • *High resistance in humid conditions and weathers .
  • *Without Static Electricity , suitable for underground mines .
  • *Low Noise when working .
  • *Self cleaning surface , due to the HDPE material specification .
  • *Preventing the operators of being exposed to the risks of back injuries and other medical injuries and problems which normally may result from the working with Heavy steel rollers .
  • *Easy to carry and handle by operators , especially when working in  high altitudes or tight and difficult conditions .
  • *Value against price .


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